Monday, October 5, 2009

Where did 2009 go???

I just can't believe how fast this year went by, or how long it has been since I have posted to my blog.
I have spent this entire year trying to put my life back together again...well it has taken a few tries, but hey I didn't give up...which would have been easier. I have been working hard at work & @ home, & I have even managed to squeeze in some "ME" time.
I haven't quit smoking yet, but have cut down quite a bit. I rarely smoke at home, & not while driving.
My friend Charlotte & I have been going to a sewing workshop on Wed. afternoon, & I have quite a few X-mas gifts that I have been working on since July. We went to a quilt show, ( a 1st for both of us) a few Sundays ago that was sponsored by a local quilt guild. That was a fun afternoon, & we picked up a few new ideas there. I also picked up 2 new patterns while there. One is a cowboy boot quilt, & the other was a combo pin cushion, thread catcher that sits right next to your sewing machine.
I also made some Dallas Cowboy Christmas stocking, & working on some UT, & San Antonio Spurs stockings as well. No pictures yet...& since they are registered trademark fabrics, I don't know if I could post them anyway???
I also have 2 quilts in the works, another that I'm getting ready to cut, & a few that just need some finishing up. Looks like I'm just going make Sunday my designated sewing day, after I get everything ready for the assembly line.
Well this years' weather has not been easy on my right lung, & so I'm having some pulmonary issues. With all the humidity, the air quality, & the allergens, I just found it very hard to manage my lung problem. Oh, & did I mention that I had the flu for a few days in the heat of summer? I really am considering getting not only the flu shot this year, but also the swine-flu vaccine.
Well until next time, hopefully I'll have some pictures from my workshop to post. Can't wait for Thanksgiving, ...I keep eye-balling that turkey in the freezer, & I am cutting up bread cubes for the stuffing, & making cornbread...yummy!

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