Friday, September 30, 2011

Blue Jean Apron 2

Posted by Picasa Hot off the sewing machine is my second up-cycled blue jean apron. Bet ya can't tell who is my favorite basketball team in the NBA? The San Antonio Spurs of course.....
Well technically the jeans are black....I thought the print would work better than using blue colored jeans, but now that I'm thinking about it, the silver color in the print would go nicely with "blue" jeans.....
HMMMM, guess I better get busy de-constructing a pair of blue ones.

At Wed. workshop, I did quite a bit of un-sewing....not much fun, but the light was good, & I became re-acquainted with my seam ripper.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Focus Fabrics - a set on Flickr

Focus Fabrics - a set on Flickr:
Today is workshop Wed. at my neighborhood Hancock's Fabric store. They have a big classroom set up in back of the store, & a bunch of us ladies go there with our sewing machines & take some projects to work on. I was thinking that a good idea for today is to scrounge around for some uncompleted projects to take with me today. I haven't messed with my sassy lady blocks in a very loooooooong time. I am thinking that they might make really cute purses??? They just need to grow a little with some more scraps....a funky print back.....maybe some beaded dangles at the bottom....
I also found a Christmas table runner that I need to layer & quilt, so I can take it to Trader's Village, and some stocking that have been cut out and are ready to sew.....
I have sew many things that I have been started, but never is really sad :(
I also want to take those bags of thimbles with me, & my camera so hopefully I can get a better picture because of the lighting.
Time to go digging.....Have a sew great day!!!

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blue Jean Apron

Posted by PicasaThis is a project that I have had laying around the house for ever.....
My friend Glo has had a blue jean apron hanging in her kitchen for years that someone had bought for her from a local BBQ joint. Hers where made from an old pair of men's wranglers. Well I finally got her to take it down, & let me see if I could make one myself....I've had that apron now for 3 months! She will be very glad to get it back.......
This is a pair of Mudd Jeans that the front snap broke, so I cut the rear out, & here ya go.....Definitely not your mother's old apron.....too bad I used a low-grade cotton, but I didn't want to waste any high-quality quilting fabric on an experiment, but in all, I think it looks pretty cool.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Item No: C-4090B Barrow's Golden Eye Duck Porcelain Sewing Thimble
The sewing thimble has a Barrow's Golden Eye duck in white porcelain.
Condition: Near Mint.
Material: Porcelain.
Designer and Maker: Unknown
Date: Unknown
Size: 1" Wide x 1 1/4" Tall 

asking price on their site is $3.50

Item No: C-4090E Mallard Drake Duck Porcelain Sewing Thimble
The sewing thimble has Mallard Drake duck in white porcelain.
Condition: Near Mint.
Material: Porcelain.
Designer and Maker: Unknown
Date: Unknown
Size: 1" Wide x 1 1/4" Tall 

Item No: C-4090F Wood Duck Porcelain Sewing Thimble
The sewing thimble has a Wood duck in white porcelain.
Condition: Near Mint.
Material: Porcelain.
Designer and Maker: Unknown
Date: Unknown
Size: 1" Wide x 1 1/4" Tall 

Item No: C-2904  Flowers Porcelain Sewing Thimble Flowers on bone china or porcelain thimble.
Condition: Near Mint.
Material: Bone China or Porcelain    
Designer and Maker: Unknown,    
Date:  Unknown  
Size: 3/4" Wide x 3/4" Tall   

Item No: C-2903 Porcelain Tulip Flower Thimble The thimble is made of porcelain with hand painted tulips.
Condition: Near Mint.
Material: Porcelain.   
Designer and Maker: Unknown,    
Date:  Unknown  
Size: 3/4" Wide x 7/8" Tall   

New Addition 

The Price: $4.25 

(their price)
I have 2 in different sizes


Vintage 1980 Franklin Porcelain Morton Salt Thimble
Today I went to a few garage sales in my neighborhood in search of used jeans to up-cycle into denim aprons, bags, & quilts. I bought 5 pairs at the 1st stop for $1 each.
At the second stop, I found 5 more @ .50 each, along with 2 signs. I noticed a gift bag, & a plastic organizer basket full of thimbles.....OMG!!!
Well I have been trying to find out more about these little sewing gems, as I know they are quite collectible. The 1st photo shows 3 advertising thimbles, 2 of which are for Morton Salt in different sizes. The 2nd picture is an Elvis Presley thimble, but I have only been able to capture 1 side of the "King". The opposite side is a picture of him, & the lighting is very poor.....more to follow........

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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Greater San Antonio Quilt Guild presents: Call to Colors

My favorite from 2009

About the quilt

close up

A study in color

Scraps!!! YES

Texas Wildflowers


Fast & Easy

Just cut it already!!!

I love brights!

These were stick figures

I'm a dog person, but these cats were amazing.

More scraps, & everything goes with black.

Just plain fun!

Fuzzy pic, but great bargello.

Bright & scrappy....Bonus round!

Too traditional for my taste, but the  quilt was wonderful.

I have more reds, so I see a reverse color plan in my mind.

Same as above....

Posted by Picasa16-18 Sept 2011
Live Oak Civic Center
8101 Pat Booker Road

These are the pictures I took today at the Quilt Show.
Please forgive my lack of expertise of taking photos, as my pictures do not do the quilts justice.
The very first photo is a quilt that won the viewers award in 2009, & I am very glad they added it to this show, so I could get a picture, as It took my breath away when I 1st saw it two years ago, and again today. Those small strips are about the width of bias tape.....
This is just a very small sample of what the show had to offer, & the pictures represent the styles that I like the most, which as you can see are very non-traditional. I love color, humor, geometrics....(white, black, red) and simple patterns. Also if you have a piece of fabric that you can't bear to cut, I took a picture of a quilt that you can make, using most of it, without alot of cutting.
I would have taken more pictures, but it was actually very busy there, as we arrived almost as soon as the show opened, & it was very hard to get photos without the people in them. I was really astounded & pleased to see so many men folk there this year. :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall Is Upon Us!

Well it has finally started to cool off in Texas!!! YAY!!! This has been the hottest, & driest summer that I can ever remember in my 50+ years. My central air went out this year, so I have been locked away in 1 room of my house all summer, kinda like a hostage....because I have a small window unit in there. Needless to say, the rest of my house looks like a tornado hit it, cause you really couldn't spend much time in any other room all summer long. Well that gave me a chance to do some browsing on the internet, & I stumbled upon a really neat site that has tutorials on just about everything under the sun. The link is since my link button doesn't seem to be working :( I have really gotten some great crafting ideas from there, as well as some organization, & recycled item ideas. Everyone should go check it out. I am still a junk vendor on the weekends at Trader's Village and have been really busy getting rid of stuff that has piled up in my garage, all the closets, ect. & I must say that the flea market bug has really bitten me good.....I just wish they were open on Fri. too instead of just the weekend. You can visit their site here & I am going to take some pictures of my booth & get some posted here, hopefully after this weekend is over. :) Hope everyone has a great week!