Saturday, September 17, 2011


Vintage 1980 Franklin Porcelain Morton Salt Thimble
Today I went to a few garage sales in my neighborhood in search of used jeans to up-cycle into denim aprons, bags, & quilts. I bought 5 pairs at the 1st stop for $1 each.
At the second stop, I found 5 more @ .50 each, along with 2 signs. I noticed a gift bag, & a plastic organizer basket full of thimbles.....OMG!!!
Well I have been trying to find out more about these little sewing gems, as I know they are quite collectible. The 1st photo shows 3 advertising thimbles, 2 of which are for Morton Salt in different sizes. The 2nd picture is an Elvis Presley thimble, but I have only been able to capture 1 side of the "King". The opposite side is a picture of him, & the lighting is very poor.....more to follow........

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