Friday, September 16, 2011

The Greater San Antonio Quilt Guild presents: Call to Colors

My favorite from 2009

About the quilt

close up

A study in color

Scraps!!! YES

Texas Wildflowers


Fast & Easy

Just cut it already!!!

I love brights!

These were stick figures

I'm a dog person, but these cats were amazing.

More scraps, & everything goes with black.

Just plain fun!

Fuzzy pic, but great bargello.

Bright & scrappy....Bonus round!

Too traditional for my taste, but the  quilt was wonderful.

I have more reds, so I see a reverse color plan in my mind.

Same as above....

Posted by Picasa16-18 Sept 2011
Live Oak Civic Center
8101 Pat Booker Road

These are the pictures I took today at the Quilt Show.
Please forgive my lack of expertise of taking photos, as my pictures do not do the quilts justice.
The very first photo is a quilt that won the viewers award in 2009, & I am very glad they added it to this show, so I could get a picture, as It took my breath away when I 1st saw it two years ago, and again today. Those small strips are about the width of bias tape.....
This is just a very small sample of what the show had to offer, & the pictures represent the styles that I like the most, which as you can see are very non-traditional. I love color, humor, geometrics....(white, black, red) and simple patterns. Also if you have a piece of fabric that you can't bear to cut, I took a picture of a quilt that you can make, using most of it, without alot of cutting.
I would have taken more pictures, but it was actually very busy there, as we arrived almost as soon as the show opened, & it was very hard to get photos without the people in them. I was really astounded & pleased to see so many men folk there this year. :)

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