Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Progress Today on The Christmas Quilt

My Wed. workshop was FABULOUS!!!
I had enough time to not only get 1 project ready to quilt, but I also got an old WIP ready to quilt. YAY!!!
1st up~my poinsettia Christmas quilt.....I looked  through all of my yardage...& I have LOTS... for a peach color for the accent border....well no dice on the peach. Next choice was yellow that is found in the flower centers....I am so glad that I talked myself into really pops!
So the accent border is a yellow print, & the final border are more of the Christmas Trees. The quilt is now layered & pinned.

So what do you think about the yellow?

Project #2 is a Christmas Table Runner that Kimba designed for 1 of our Yahoo groups....I think it was from I have had this pieced for a very long time.....Now it's ready to be quilted too.

Today was a very great day! Happy Hump Day to all of you.

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