Thursday, June 9, 2011

June rants

Well I have not blogged in a long time...........

The past few years have been such a struggle for me. I quit my job in Oct. because it was affecting my health mentally & physically. I have been living off of my savings ever since, trying to put my life back together. I was searching for a job that was fun, & creative, & didn't stress me out to no end, but the job market being what it is...well you guessed it. My savings is almost depleted, & I'm sure that my house will be going into foreclosure in the next coming months.
I did find a part-time job as a bartender for an old friend of mine who owns a neighborhood bar, & in April, I did start selling my collections, nick knacks, & stuff out of my house at Trader's Village that just opened this year in San Antonio. The price of gas is killing me, as I drive 20 miles 1 way.....& I keep waiting for a miracle to happen instead of the weekly breakdowns of car repairs, & house repairs....but I am losing my faith very quickly.
I have my resume everywhere....but I am over qualified for just about everything I have sent out. I could not pass the physical at Toyota San Antonio due to my breathing issues....& that job would have really helped as it was pretty good pay.

I ask you...what is an older, single mother to do in these times? Everyone seems to want younger workers, younger wives....blah blah blah....I guess the experience and work ethics does not factor in anymore with anyone.

My oldest daughter turned 23 yesterday, & my middle daughter is graduating H.S. next week....& my joy for them is being overshadowed by my personal struggles. It is very sad indeed, as I feel all washed up at this point in my life.
As I look around this house that I have lived in for 17 yrs....well it is quite depressing.

I have to start doing something NOW to get out of this funk I am in....but WHAT???

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