Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Noted: The Entrepreneurial Generation | The Etsy Blog

Noted: The Entrepreneurial Generation | The Etsy Blog:
Great read!!!
This was my comment.....
Very thought provoking concept. As a 50+ single female trying to survive in today's economy, I had to fall back on what I knew, which is sewing. I majored in art, & business in H. S., but no higher education, because I had to work too much. I have spent my life working for someone else, & making them $$$. Now I can't buy a job..... Starting a business doing what I love has always been a dream for me, & I was actually forced to do it.....I may not have taken the plunge otherwise. I just wish I had taken photography LOL! The kick in my pants though seems to be everyone's fascination with quantity, & not quality. In a culture where everything is disposable, & cheap to replace sickens me, & it's hard to find anything made in the USA anymore. I am sticking to my guns regardless. I don't make crap, & I'm not buying it either~if that is all there is~then I will go without. Why??? Because I can, & I'm used to it already.

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