Sunday, December 18, 2011

The pink quilt for Baby Rose

Well a few weeks back, I got a custom order for a baby quilt. Before I sign on to do a custom order for anyone, I always want to know more about the person it is for. I think that is what gives me the inspiration not only for the design, but also for the fabric selection.
I met with Diane to discuss my process, & show her some samples of my work~taking 2 completed quilts, and several others in different stages of construction, so she could see my seams. Then we discussed the quality of the fabrics that I use, and the batting....and why I use them....I like to let the person know what those cost because I figure that a quilt is something special that you give to someone, & you want it to last many years of normal use, so I don't scrimp on my materials. So we are both satisfied that the finished quilt will be something special, just as she wanted.
Now we get down to the inspiration for the quilt itself.....
Well it's for a baby girl, so she wants a girly girl quilt in pinks....and I ask more about the child. Well come to find out that the baby girl is her boyfriend's grand daughter, and she was born pre-mature. She was still in the hospital the day we were talking, but was doing well, and was scheduled to be released in a few days. Then I asked what the baby's name was, and she said her middle name was Rose~that is when the light bulb went off for the focus fabric.....I told her that I would be back the next day with the fabric samples, but that I already had something in mind.
I had a print that I had purchased for another order that didn't work out, which was pink roses on a white background. When I took that bolt the next day~I explained why I had chosen that fabric for the focus of the quilt....the smallest of little pink rose buds represented the child being so tiny when she was born, the bigger buds being her growing and getting stronger everyday, and the rose all bloomed out would represent the baby growing into a normal girly girl, that smiles, laughs, and plays just like all children do, and she was on her way to becoming a beautiful but special little person. Well with all that said....Diane told me that as soon as she saw that fabric, she knew that It was the "ONE". I should have this quilt done by the end of the week, & pictures will be forthcoming....It's a dreary day outside today, so I'll have to wait for a better photo op day~
Take care everyone in blog land... and Merry Christmas to you ALL!

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