Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Christmas Quilt/Wed Workshop

Howdy bloggers!
I just don't know why, but Wed. is becoming 1 of my favorite days of the week. I am so blessed that I can finally say that I do have a special day, with a small band of women who gather in the back classroom of the local Hancocks Fabric store. We had a little Halloween party, and some good food on the buffet table, & Judy brought some little gift bags in for prizes for the fun little games that we played. I was the winner of 1 of them YAY!!! We had a terrific time!
Then it was down to some sewing business! Yes, I do post about the things I have been working on....when I remember to take all the parts with me, so I can.........(remember I forgot part of it last week...giggle)

Well here are some pics of the Christmas Quilt that I have been working on with the poinsettia focus fabric that I bought at least 5 yrs. ago that I could not bring myself to cut because it was so pretty. It is from a Michael Miller Collection, but I have had it so long that I don't remember the name of it (drats!!!) Anyway, all the strip sets are sewn together finally, & it's all squared up & ready to find an accent for the border which will be a 1 inch strip, so after it is sewn it will be a 1/2 inch....YIKES!!! Then I add the remaining green border, & it's ready to be layered & quilted. Which reminds me to go shopping in my stash for the backing....I hope I have something in peach, which is not only the lightest color in the flowers, but the least color represented in the quilt.....I think it will make it POP!!!
Note to self #1.....those Christmas trees with snow on them is considered a directional fabric....Do NOT do this again until you have had all of your morning coffee, & are bright eyed & bushy tailed.
Note to self #2.....make a list, & pack all of your supplies on Tues. evening, so when you re-make that giant bowl of pea salad for next week that you FORGOT today, that is all you will have left to grab before dashing out the door.
I hereby declare that today I have started my Process Challenge Pledge with this post. 
Please stay tuned for more pics of this quilt next week.

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