Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hump-day Happiness

It started out as a strange day.....but ended up being a grand day indeed!

First of all, I had to finish up my housecleaning job from yesterday...All I had left to do was to vacuum the downstairs, but Big Fred, & Lance showed up at the house, so I promised to come back today when they would be gone, before going to my sewing workshop, which is my weekly ritual.
For those of you that don't know, I clean my best friend (I call her my sister) Carol's house every other Tues. because she works 2 weeks days, then 2 weeks nights, plus she is my partner at the flea market on the weekends, so she needs the help, & I needed the extra income being it works well for both of us.
My front tire on the car was extremely low, so I go to the Valero up the road to put some air in my tire. Well a car is parked in front of the air machine, with a flat tire....I mean sitting on the rim flat, & the driver is no where to be found......(what a jerk) I decide to drive over to finish my cleaning job, because it's getting later, & I need to get back home to pack up my sewing stuff for my workshop........
I am almost finished with the carpet, & in walks Big Fred. After I finish up, I tell him the air machine story. So happens he has a portable air compressor in his trunk, & said not to worry.
He gets out the pump, assembles it & I hook it up....24 psi is what my tire had, & I think it is supposed to be around 41.....yikes. Now this pump plugs in to a cigarette lighter, so it takes a few minutes to fill my tire, but it's a nice day outside, so who cares! When the tire is done, & the pump is unhooked, he goes to remove it from the lighter, & the whole dang connector just falls apart.....:( We spent an hour trying to put it back together, to no avail, & I really felt bad that it happened, & now I am really running late for my workshop.
I make a mad dash home, let the dog out again, & gather up my stuff to take. I load up my sewing machine, then start gathering the Christmas Quilt I cut out, & a few other supplies. The quilt I am working on is from a pattern, which I don't normally use a pattern, but I had a Christmas print that I could never bring myself to cut, because the print was sooooooo beautiful, but this pattern was made for those kind of fabrics, so I bit the bullet
& used it. When I started sewing I noticed that some of the panels were not the same length so I must have read the cutting directions wrong....WOF...LOF....oh my I knew I had to take my leftovers with me to cut more stuff, & adjust the pattern when I finished sewing the panels to make it work. Then I needed to take my camera to take pics, because last week I took the process challenge, & this is a great example of that cause I am having trouble with the project.
I finally get to the workshop, & unpack my supply bag....
pattern instructions....yes
extra material.....yes
panels I had started to sew....NO!!!
 I had finally taken my machine, & I left my project at home folded neatly in a stack on my ironing I had nothing to work on, & no photos to take.
Well I did enjoy my time talking to my sewing buddies, got to see all the wonderful things they were WORKING on.....
Now to the Happiness of my day:
While at the workshop, I got 2 sewing baskets, & a brown bag full of sewing patterns for a very good price.
Then I come home & log in to my blog, & find out I have a new follower, & had some comments on my What's your name post.
One of the comments was alerting me that I had won a giveaway on The Quiet Quilter Blog post....YAY ME!!! I never win anything.
My Hump-day Happiness was complete.
Update: Before leaving for my Wed Workshop, I had a quishy in my mail box....Thank you Frances aka The Quiet Quilter. :)

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