Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Saturday Morning!

Well it is a wonderful morning indeed! I am so glad that fall is finally here in Texas....& the heat is gone :)
I did get a few more fans on my new Facebook page YAY! I do have some real friends I thought I would socialize a little while waking up with my cup of coffee in hand.
Sadly in a few days I will be losing my Flickr Pro account, as at this time I can't afford that luxury. I have a list of things that used to be essential, but are now considered luxuries....(Strange how life is always throwing you curves like that.)
On my list to do today: I have at least 30 prs. of blue jeans to de-construct for my up-cycle projects. I have a Christmas quilt that I cut & started piecing at my sewing workshop on Wed. I have all those pink bags to make for the bank.....laundry....blah blah blah.....& stuff to pack up for tomorrows flea market adventure. My list seems to always exceed my time on hand LOL! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention to list a few more items on Etsy, drag out the UT quilt & see how much more work it needs........transfer some more pics to my fan page, before they disappear from Flickr......a girl's work is never done!
Oh and there is a a video I need to share from one of my newsletters that I receive from Joggles....let's not forget that!

Tell your friends and family, share this on your blogs. (permission to share from Barb in my e-mail)
Today we're playing with Tyvek.  Paint it, add some heat, and be amazed at what happens!  Tyvek is not new, but I find that many people wonder about what to do with it.  Now seemed like a good time to replace the old tutorial that only had still photos with a video where you can see the movement and fun things first hand.  Tyvek and heat play well together so long as you separate them with a pressing sheet or apply heat from a distance and you'll see both in today's video, which you can see here:

And I leave you with 1 of my 1st fabric postcards that I made back in 2007....Have a blessed day!

Pumpkin Pie

Appliqued pumpkin, with stenciled vine. My 1st try at using stencils, & fabric paint. This card was sent to a soldier serving in Iraq, thru Penny" postcard Posse.

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