Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Baby Quilts needed for Triplets~YIKES!!!

Yep, I need to make 3 quilts for my niece in the Dallas area who is expecting triplets....OMG!!! I am wondering what the easiest quilt pattern would be....something I can do quickly, but not look like I didn't put any thought into it. I am stumped.....Any ideas out there???
Well last night I pulled out 12 yards of blues, purples, greens, pinks, and and an orange....I must have already boxed up my yellows for the move :( I cut them all in 2 1/2 inch strips with my Accuquilt Go cutter in less than 2 hours...that included my pressing time before cutting :)
Now what to do with all these strips....I need an idea fast. I was thinking maybe the Bento Box....the centers could be yellow if I dig deep enough into my stash. Is it easier to make them Big Log cabins and cut them in 4ths, or make individual blocks and sew them together? I have no clue. I did notice that I have more blues than any other color....I think I need to find some white with polka dots to take away from all that blue....gender neutral is what I am going for. Well guess I better get to hunting this down today and get 'er done!
More packing today too....will I ever get moved? I wonder.........
Have a great day everyone.


Claudia Sunshine said...

How to live in this world and not leave the system dominate you?

God Bless You!



Rebecca said...

3 baby quilts made from the same colors you will need 3 differnt quilts.... so they each have thier own but will still look neat all in the same room.
My suggestion Do one as a strip like one big square(working from a center quar...go around it with one color...go around that with another color ect... and one perhaps as a chineese coins type of pattern.