Saturday, February 4, 2012

Baby Rose Quilt Completed and Delivered

 The Baby Rose Quilt Completed and Delivered on Friday. The proud papa, and the grandpa were camera shy, but they agreed to hold it up as long as they weren't in the picture itself. Mind you that the quilt was fresh out of the washer and dryer when I went to show them. I KNEW that I should have taken it home and done a fast pressing on it before taking it in for show and tell. They would not let me have it back to do the above mentioned. I am so very glad that it was such a hit with them. They promised to send me a picture of Baby Rose with her new quilt.....I hope they keep their promise!

PS: I just found out yesterday that my niece is 7 weeks pregnant with triplets.........looks like I will be making 3 new quilts very soon. Please wish her luck with her pregnancy, as I am quite concerned. She is 6ft. tall and as big a round as my wrist....maybe weighs 95 lbs wringing she is gonna carry 3 babies has me concerned. Pray for her, and their well-being.

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K said...

Wow, this is stunning!! LOVE the colors!

love K