Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Mug Rug is born, and a Great Birthday after all...

A Mug Rug is Born
Well here it is....a mug rug that I created using some leftover scraps from the Baby Rose quilt, some scraps from Gloria #1, and some from my own scrap bag. Even the binding are made from leftover scrap strips. The small square and the half triangle squares with cut with my Accuquilt cutter....I LOVE IT!!! The back of the little quilted mug rug is denim from a pair of jeans that don't fit anymore, and a layer of scrap batting. I think it's cute, and eco-friendly too. My oldest daughter refers to me as her hippie tree-hugging mom....that's quite another story!
Well I just came off of my birthday weekend....Saturday I was feeling kinda old, kinda depressed yada-yada-yada, then I signed into my face book page on Sunday, and I had at least 100 nice Birthday wishes posted to my wall from family, friends, and some nice peeps that I really don't know. You gotta love it right? I felt better.
While I was trying to thank everyone personally with a comment tagging them as I went, I got a phone call from a male friend, whom I have had a small crush on since he walked into the room when I 1st met him. Yep, I'm kinda old to be having a crush on someone....thinking it was just silly, so I pushed it out of my mind. I do have to admit, and being the shy person that I am, I have been flirting with this man ever so subtle that even I didn't realize it myself until recently. Maybe some magic happened on Sunday over a cold beer, gazing at each other from across the room, a few stolen looks, a wink or two, a big Birthday Hug, good conversation, and the sweetest kiss that I ever had.....Romance at my age, well not likely, but hey it's not impossible!!! Keep your fingers crossed!!!

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